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A Word for all Christians
David H.J. Gay
2/26/2015 | Size: 209k | Views: 10+
Are you a Christian? I mean, by that, have you repented of your sin? Do you have a living faith in the Lord Jesus Christ as your Saviour? Do you submit to him...

A Word for all Roman Catholics
David H.J. Gay
2/26/2015 | Size: 254k | Views: 20+
Are you a Roman Catholic? You are? In that case, as I understand it, you think very highly of Mary, the mother of Jesus. Am I right? You treasure her words. If...

Believe and Be Baptised
David H.J. Gay
2/26/2015 | Size: 365k | Views: 10+
Just before he ascended back into glory, Jesus issued a command to his disciples. We have it in various forms:

Christ Calling to Sinners
David H.J. Gay
2/26/2015 | Size: 351k | Views: 10+
Time and again in the Gospels we come across Jesus addressing sinners, calling out to them to come to him and be saved from their sins. And, of course,...

Do You Want To Be Happy
David H.J. Gay
2/26/2015 | Size: 208k | Views: 10+
What a silly question! Of course I do. Everybody wants to be happy, don’t they? I certainly do. So... what would make you really happy? Many – even if they...

David H.J. Gay
2/26/2015 | Size: 342k | Views: 20+
Election. I want to spend a few minutes talking to you about this question of election. It is a topic of supreme importance. Sadly, it is often badly...

God Has a Word for You
David H.J. Gay
2/26/2015 | Size: 297k | Views: 10+
I have some good news for you. God has something to say to you. Is that not good news? God himself speaks to you. Now. What a privilege. God speaks to me? Yes,...

Simon the Sorcerer
David H.J. Gay
2/26/2015 | Size: 266k | Views: 10+
Little attention has been paid to the experience of the man known as Simon the Sorcerer, as recorded in Acts 8:9-25. I wonder why? I am convinced he has a...

So... You Believe in Evolution?
David H.J. Gay
2/26/2015 | Size: 215k | Views: 20+
You believe in evolution? You do? You believe that Charles Darwin was right, and everything is as it is because of ‘the survival of the fittest’? Have I got it...

Two Questions for You
David H.J. Gay
2/26/2015 | Size: 257k | Views: 40+
I have two questions for you today. And the second of the two is the most important question you will ever be asked, and the answer you give to it will be the...

What’s Your Verdict?
David H.J. Gay
2/26/2015 | Size: 355k | Views: 10+
Have you ever heard of Paul? I am talking about Paul the apostle, the man – Saul of Tarsus – who was converted on the Damascus Road. You’ve got him now? If...
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