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Grace Not Law! by [Gay, David H.J.]
No Sacerdotalism! A critique of the laying on of hands in ordination. by [H.J.Gay, David]
The Priesthood of All Believers: Slogan or Substance? by [H.J.Gay, David] Redemption History Through Covenants by [Gay, David H.J.]
Sanctification in Jeremiah (Brachus Sanctification Series Book 4) by [Gay, David H.J.] Sanctification in Romans (Brachus Sanctification Series Book 2) by [Gay, David H.J.] Sanctification in Galatians (Brachus Sanctification Series Book 1) by [Gay, David H.J.]
Septimus Sears: A Victorian Injustice & its Aftermath by [H.J.Gay, David]
The Secret Stifler: Incipient Sandemanianism and preaching the gospel to sinners by [Gay, David H.J.] Saving Faith by [Gay, David H.J.] A Victorian Injustice Revisited: Septimus Sears and The Gospel Standard 1879-2016 by [Gay, David H. J.]
New-Covenant Articles: Volume Nine by [Gay, David H.J.] Luther On Baptism: Sacramentalism in the Raw by [Gay, David H.J.]
Purnell On The New Covenant by [Gay, David H.J.] Horne On The True Sabbath by [Gay, David H.J.] Exalting Christ: Thomas Collier on the New Covenant by [Gay, David H.J.] New-Covenant Articles: Volume Ten by [Gay, David H.J.] Letting Loose A Gadfly: Edward Miall Speaks Today by [Gay, David H.J.]
Clarity Dispelling Confusion: S.W.Lynd on the Abrahamic Covenant by [Gay, David H.J.] Deceit in Death: Christendom in the Raw: 'Christian' Last Rites for Unbelievers by [Gay, David H.J.]
Sowed Much, Reaped Little: Why?: The Sermon: The Gap between the Claim and the Result by [Gay, David H.J.] To Confront or Not to Confront?: Addresses to Unbelievers by [Gay, David H.J.] The Lord's Day: A Personal Statement and a Modest Proposal by [Gay, David H.J.]  

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