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New Title: Horne On The True Sabbath:

Free audiobook – me reading my Horne On The True Sabbath – now available:

A five minute lollipop: ‘Edmund Burke, Thomas Paine and New-Covenant Theology’. Here is the audio link:

Here is the pdf:


Free audiobook – me reading my New-Covenant Articles Volume Six – now available:


Free audiobook – me reading my New-Covenant Articles Volume Seven – now available:



I have just found out (3rd September) about David White’s kindle: Love - Not Law: A response to “Liberty, Not Licence” by David Gay

Here is my book that prompted this response: Liberty Not Licence

This, of course, was a publication of some conference addresses I gave in the UK in 2017. For fuller arguments, you should read my Believers Under The Law Of Christ

I have not yet read David White’s reply so I am making no comment on it – except to say I am delighted that the issue has been made so public. In my view, NCT is at a fork in the road. This is a big issue. I urge all to be a Berean here.  ​

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