News Letter March 2018

A recording of my audiobook: Eternal Justification: Gospel Preaching to Sinners Marred by Hyper-Calvinism is now available:


A new title: Letting Loose a Gadfly: Edward Miall Speaks Today:


Free audiobook:


A new title: Clarity Dispelling Confusion: S.W.Lynd on the Abrahamic Covenant:


Free audiobook available:



I have continued with ‘Thoughts on Elijah’ series:


I have continued with my YouTube: ‘Gospel Snippets’:

Here is the video link:

Here is the audio link:


New article: ‘Justification: The Make or Break Doctrine’:

Here is the audio:

Here is the pdf:



New article: What Is Justifying Faith?’

Here is the pdf:

Here is the audio:



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