Spurgeon on the New Covenant

Spurgeon was not a new-covenant theologian. On the covenants, and on the part played by the law in the life of both the unbeliever and the believer, C.H.Spurgeon was inconsistent, even self-contradictory. Nevertheless, he did make some glorious statements on these vital matters. And since these topics are the subject of hot debate today, in this book David Gay has gathered some gems from Spurgeon’s works, hoping that they might not only inform believer’s minds but warm their hearts. Gay writes: ‘While I will not make any man my authority, I have published these Spurgeon extracts because he set out things which support the truth I try to declare in my works, and set them out in his usual lively way. I have found much pleasure and profit in reading these passages from Spurgeon, and I am confident that others will find the same. Having these gems gathered in such a small work will, I hope, prove a boon to many’.



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