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Points to Ponder on Christ’s Active Obedience
These are just headings, brief points. See my previous articles for detailed arguments.

Observations on a Colloquy
The colloquy in question is the In-Depth Studies Colloquy: ‘Is the Cross Alone Sufficient for Salvation?’, which was held on the 29th of April 2017 at the Gilbert Regional Library, Phoenix. Brian Arnold took the ‘No’ position and Geoff Volker took the ‘Yes’.

Into the Lions’ Den: Christ’s Active Obedience Re-Visited
Definitions Justification by faith is a legal or forensic term. The sinner who trusts Christ is justified; that is, God pardons the guilt of the sinner who...

Are Gospel Invitations to All?
Is it possible – is it right – for a preacher1 to invite all sinners to come to Christ, and to do so without preparing them for the gospel, for Christ? Or does...

Baptism in Romans
As I have shown elsewhere,1.baptism is the hinge in Paul’s argument in Romans.2 Not only that; baptism is the crucial turning point in the believer’s...

Conversion Ruined by the New Perspective
In this article, I want to explore the devastating effect the New Perspective has on conversion. I do so by reference to Tom Wright’s book: What Saint Paul...

Exodus in Romans
My chosen title for this article, I confess, might well give the impression that I am writing on an abstruse topic, abstruse in the sense of being obscure,...

Sacramental Baptism Exploded
By ‘sacramental’ I mean the idea that grace is actually conveyed by ministerial use of means – water and the like. Many Reformed teachers, past and present,...

Justification: Fact or Feeling?
Explanation of my title I am, it surely goes without saying, talking about justification by faith. And when I ask is justification a fact or a feeling, the...

Conversion Threatened
The biblical doctrine of conversion is being threatened. It has been under attack since the days of the New Testament. It is always thus. Satan knows that this...

Conversion: The Great Necessity
It was said of Robert Murray M‘Cheyne that when he preached you felt ‘as if he was dyin’ a’most to have ye converted’; that is, he wanted your conversion,...

Priesthood: Our Need, God’s Provision
‘Priesthood’ is a concept written large in Scripture, in both the Old Testament and the New.In truth, it is not too much to say that unless we come to terms...

Fourfold Justification
Justification by faith alone is the citadel of the gospel. It is at the heart of the new covenant. No wonder, then, that down the years it has been under...

What Does It Mean to Be a Priest?
The Bible must be its own interpreter. Its pages speak of several kinds of priest. Melchizedek was a priest; there were the levitical priests of the order of...

Progressive Sanctification: A Matter of Eternal Life or Death
‘A bit OTT isn’t it? Progressive sanctification a matter of eternal life or death? Some believers argue there is no such thing as progressive sanctification – and yet you say that it is a matter of eternal life or death?’
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