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The Curse of Titles in the Church
The New Testament never uses any title for any man in the church. What is more, it categorically forbids it. Nowadays, however, most Christians do use titles –...
New-Covenant Priests: Who Are They?
And after he had set up the old covenant with Israel through Moses at Sinai, God, throughout the age of the old-covenant prophets, continued to issue a stream...

Old-Covenant Ruin of ‘Clergy’
I freely acknowledge that the word ‘clergy’ – or its counterpart, ‘laity’ – is not used by all evangelicals. Reformed Baptists – at least, as far as I am aware...

Old-Covenant Ruin of ‘Minister’
‘Minister’ is a biblical word. We must use it. But we must use it in a biblical way. Far too often, however, it is used unbiblically.1 How? For a start,...

The All-Body Ministry
By going back to the old covenant, and applying its principles to the church, the Fathers ruined church rule and care, twisting it into a monstrosity. In...

Old-Covenant Ruin of ‘Ordain’
There are several Greek words in the New Testament translated ‘ordain’, none of which has the dreadful connotations introduced by the Fathers, and which have...
The Pastor: the Missing Man
Down the centuries, starting with the Fathers, men have distorted the system of church care, rule and order as instituted by Christ. One way in which they have...

Old-Covenant Ruin of the Church
In spiritual things, how big can be the effect of small changes! It may take time, of course – it usually does take time for the full effect to be seen – but...
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