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The Battle for the Church: 1517– 1644 Constantine to Christ
David H.J. Gay
5/21/2018 | Size: 216k |
Explain title. Christ’s ekkl?sia. The corruption produced by the Fathers. Attempted recovery before the Reformation. The Reformation and the aftermath.
A Timely Reminder from Fred R.Leuck: Historical Baptist Works Must Not Be Forgotten
David H.J. Gay
5/16/2018 | Size: 284k |
In 1853, the American, John Quincy Adams, published his Baptists: The Only Thorough Religious Reformers. 1 When Adams was in London in 1868, Charles Haddon...
Glass Eyes and Wooden Legs in 17th Century New England or A Warning to Infant Baptisers
David H.J. Gay
11/20/2015 | Size: 387k |
Infant baptisers always have to face the issue – the problem – of church membership. Of course, if they grossly abuse the parable of the tares (Matt....
Robert Browne: Thinking The Unthinkable
David H.J. Gay
12/13/2016 | Size: 280k
Robert Browne, who then was in his early thirties, lodged in this city of Norwich for a few months during the years 1580- 81. He was soon arrested and jailed,...
The Reformed and Baptismal Regeneration
David H.J. Gay
10/10/2017 | Size: 407k | 
Baptismal regeneration, one of the most diabolical of all falsehoods ever to be imposed on the church of Jesus Christ, has been responsible for the delusion of...
Hans Denck: The Inner and the Outer Word
David H.J. Gay
8/1/2015 | Size: 478k |
Hans Denck was born in Bavaria in 1495 and died of the bubonic plague in Basel in 1527. Although he himself was not happy to be known as an Anabaptist, it is...
Martyn & Bethan, Infant Baptism and Church Membership: A Warning
David H.J. Gay
11/28/2015 | Size: 322k |
When D.Martyn Lloyd-Jones became a minister in Aberavon, South Wales, in the 1920s, the Presbyterian Church Secretary was E.T.Rees. Although Mr Rees was a...
New-Covenant Theology: New Kid on the Block?
David H.J. Gay
4/18/2016 | Size: 468k |
You must have heard something like this: New-covenant theology? Must be wrong! It was only dreamed up in the 1970s, wasn’t it? Doesn’t that make it the latest...
Jonathan Edwards, Infant Baptism and Church Membership: A Warning
David H.J. Gay
9/20/2017 | Size: 331k |
In a previous article, I showed that when the original settlers reached New England in the 1630s they were determined to set up infant-baptising churches which...
John Berridge on Progressive Sanctification
David H.J. Gay
10/30/2015 | Size: 242k |
John Berridge (1716-1793) was, as Nigel R.Pibworth described him, an ‘individual’, one who demonstrated ‘a singular spirituality’. One-time senior fellow at...
The Long Night
David H.J. Gay
8/5/2017 | Size: 355k |
For the last thirty years or more, there has been a public debate among Christians over the relative merits and de-merits of covenant theology as opposed to...
The Rise of the Anabaptists
David H.J. Gay
11/24/2014 | Size: 397k |
It is night in Zurich on the 21st of January, 1525, and the snow lies thick upon the ground. A lone man, wrapped against the bitter wind and keeping to the...
‘A Threefold Cord’
David H.J. Gay
11/24/2014 | Size: 289k |
In the early 1580s, after twenty-five years on the throne, Elizabeth still dominated the Church of England.1 She was not its Supreme Governor in name only!...
A Thanksgiving Day Thought
David H.J. Gay
11/30/2014 | Size: 196k |
Well, actually, it’s a thought for every day! On Friday, the 21st of July, 1620, the members of the church which had left Scrooby some twelve or so years...
Calvin on Assurance
David H.J. Gay
4/19/2017 | Size: 469k |
John Calvin took the doctrine of the law, as formulated by medieval Church, and forged it into a system which has dominated the Reformed and evangelical world...
John Eaton: Antinomian?
David H.J. Gay
4/13/2017 | Size: 529k |
John Eaton? Never heard of him! Just in case that might be your reaction, a little potted history might not come amiss: John Eaton (1574/5–1630/31) was born in...
New-Covenant Gems from Purnell
David H.J. Gay
10/4/2017 | Size: 449k |
Robert Purnell (1606-1666) was by trade a carpet weaver, probably a native of Bristol, England, in 1640. With four others, he became a founder member of the...
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